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Kruti Dev <==> Unicode mangal Arialuni Hindi Font Converter

How to type in Hindi 

This is also common question and there are many methods of Hindi typing. 
Who they have learn and used Hindi Typewriter can use Remington Keyboard layout of Hindi Typing.
Who they know English Keyboard layout only can use Google Hindi Input and Microsoft Indic input and type using english letters like Namaste and this will convert as  नमस्ते in Unicode Hindi. Who they don't want to use Keyboard for Hindi writing can use speech typing voice to text     
कृतिदेव को हिंदी देवनागरी में आप यहां पेस्ट/ देख-जांच-लिख-सुधार सकते हैं

You can View Check Write Correct Kruti dev Hindi Font and convert in Unicode Mangal font

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